Born in 1997 in the south of France of city parents, nothing predestined me to such a passion for the practice of hunting. But it all starts in my first year of high school, when I decided to start my last cycle in a country high school.

Passionate and loving nature, I befriended a group of high school students practicing hunting, and curious, I accompany them for a driven hunt. And there, love at first sight.

In the middle of the nature, hunting with dozens of dogs, hearing their voices in the valleys, feeling the adrenaline coming up when the game is approaching, and all this in good friendship, surrounded by the people I had chosen for friends and who shared with me their past experiences, eyes shining with emotion…

I had known for the first time passion, the real one. From the first day I knew that I would have to renew the experience and revive those moments again.


The reflection came in a second time. Is it normal to feel that ? Can I really take life away from a living being ? I did not know what to think about it, but hunting, anyway, had already won me.

A few months later, at the age of 16, I passed my hunting license. And in my first season of practice, I noticed that my lifestyle and consumption changed. I was doing more sports, I was in better physical condition, I was buying less and less meat in supermarkets…

It was thanks to hunting that I became aware of our overconsumption of industrial meat and the scandalous conditions in which certain animals are treated in intensive farming.

It is thanks to the hunt that I have understood the disastrous extent for our environment of the excessive urbanization of the natural plots and the agricultural exploitation of our lands.

It was through hunting that I learned the cycle of life, that I saw death and understood life.

I deeply believe that hunting has opened my eyes to the evil that our century is imposing on our planet and I am convinced that the hunt has made me stronger and made me a better person.


And this passion became my daily activity, when after posting a hunting picture on my Facebook profile, the brands began to approach me. Then, everything went very fast. I created my first social networks dedicated to hunting and they immediately met with success.

Today, I travel a lot to discover the practice of hunting around the world. Each hunt has its peculiarities, its advantages, its faults, its techniques … Through my social networks and my blog, I try to make you travel with me and to make you see what I see.

Hunting is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of living, thinking, and conceiving life.

Hunting is my lifestyle.

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